GPBR Series Info

The Grand Prix Brad Ross is a Cyclocross Series composed of five independently promoted CX races. These great independent races kick off the OBRA Cyclocross season and run from the start of September to the beginning of October. Riders from any state are welcome to race the GPBR. Series overall awards and prizes will be handed out at the GPBR series end party, in early October. Come experience some amazing cyclocross courses, competitive racing and exciting new race venues.


David Douglas CX (David Douglas Park, Vancouver, WA) register 9/3/16
Het Meer CX (Vancouver Lake, Vancouver, WA) register 9/10/16
Zaaldercross (Alderbrook Park, Brush Prairie, WA) register 9/17/16
Ninkrossi CX (WMXP, Washougal, WA) register 9/24/16
Heiser CX (Heiser Farm, Dayton, OR) register 10/1/16


Category 1/2 Men, Women, 35+ Men, 35+ Women
Category 2/3 Men
Category 3 35+ Men, 35+ Women, Women
Category 4 Men, 35+ Men, Women
Category 5 Men, Women
Athena, Clydesdale
Masters 50+ Men, Women
Masters 60+ Men
SingleSpeed Men, Women
Elite Jr. Men, Women
Junior Men, Women

Promoter and/or officials reserves the right to change your category.


Follow the "register" links to upcoming races to register. Individual races range in price from $15-$27 per race.


The best four out of five placings in the series will count in the final tally (dropping the one race with the fewest points). Riders must race in at least 4 races for the overall series. Series prizes will be awarded at the series end party. There will be no BAR points for the series, only the individual races.

Points will be rewarded to the top 30 placings according to this schedule. Series scoring follows this criteria and team scoring follows this criteria. Reminder: only your top 5 results count and a minimum of 4 race results needed to have a series overall final ranking. Point totals and point standings will be handled by OBRA and we'll link to them each week in the updates.

Podiums/Leaders Jersey

A short podium ceremony will follow each finish at the races. A GPBR leaders jersey provided by Castelli will be awarded to the leader of select categories during a short podium ceremony after their race. The points leader of each category is required to wear their leader's jersey while they maintain their lead.

Field Limits

To ensure a high level of quality racing, fields will be limited to 75 racers per category

Series standings

Points for the series will be tracked at OBRA. They will continue to be updated after each race. We are not doing a points percentage transfer when upgraded.


Three ways to register and purchase the series pass (All require an OBRA waiver):

1. Online Pre-registration for the SERIES PASS: OBRA Online Registration ($130 Adults/$70 Jrs)

register for the entire series

2. Day of first race (David Douglas CX): Register at the event, but arrive early enough to get in line.

Day-of-event registration for each individual race will be available at each race venue, and will be based on the independent promoters' fee structure. You can find online registration links on the individual race flyers. Save time by printing out an OBRA waiver (PDF) and completing it at home.

Memberships & Licenses

OBRA membership required for all riders. Single race memberships are available for $5.00. Season OBRA memberships are available for $30.00. Junior season memberships are $10.

Prize List

A combined prize list well over $4,500 across the series. Every series race provides their own prize list at each individual race (cash and/or merchandise). West End Bikes will be providing a $2,500 Cash/Gift Certificate purse for all categories(Cash - 1/2's / G.C. and product -all other categories). Equal payout.


Yes, we have GPBR shirts for sale at events!

Download series flyer (PDF)

New start times for 2016

For 2016 both the GPBR series and Cross Crusade series are adopting a new schedule, which is as follows. Some race classes have moved up and back an hour, so be sure to double-check before you head out to race!

8:40am – Men 4, Clydesdale, Athena (45 min)
9:35am – Men 4 35+, Men 60+ (45 min)
10:25pm – *Break* / Course Preview (10 min)
10:35am – Men 5, Women SS (45 min)
11:30am – Men 3 35+, Men 50+ (45 min)
12:20pm – *Break* / Course Preview (10 min)
12:30pm – Juniors: Cat 3/4/5 Men & Women (30 min)
12:30pm – Kiddie Kross (age 9 and under)
1:10pm – Men 2/3, Men SS, Men 1/2/3 Jr. (45 min)
2:00pm – *Break* / Course Preview (10 min)
2:10pm – Women: 1/2 35+, 3, 3 35+, 50+, Cat 4, Cat 5, Women 1/2/3/ Jr. (45 min)
3:05pm – Men 1/2, Women 1/2, Men 1/2 35+ (60 min)

New cyclocross classification system

For the 2016 season, OBRA is also introducing a category 1-5 system to cyclocross. For those that have raced before, the choices break down like so:

If you were a Beginner you are a 5
If you were a Cat C you are a 4
If you were a Cat B you are a 3
If you were a Cat A and do not have a USAC 1, you are a 2
If you were a Cat A and a USAC 1, you are a 1.
There is no self-upgrade to Cat 2 or Cat 1. This must be earned.

A Cat 3 rider may ride in either the 3/4 or the 2/3, or even in both if you are so inclined.

Juniors with a racing of age 9-18 who are Cat 3, 4, or 5 will ride in the regular Junior field Juniors with a racing age of 13-18 who are Cat 1, 2, or 3 will ride in the Elite Junior field Juniors under the racing age of 12 may not ride in an adult field

A mixed field, like 3/4 or 2/3 will be scored as 1 field. The separate categories will not be broken out.

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